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Original Photo Throw

Original Photo Throw

Original Photo Throw
Made from images as small as wallet-size, PhotoThrowTM combines the art of photography and knitting. The result is a soft, lush, throw made from heavy-weight Amilux yarn. The image is knitted into the throw, not printed or heat transferred. It is a unique and breath-taking product. Available in 3 sizes and even a comfortable PhotoPillow!

File Upload: For best results, image files should be in jpg format with no compression (300 dpi best).

This unique product may require creative cropping and composition. The photo may be enlarged so as to create the most beautiful rendition possible.

Text cost is .60 per character.

30 x 40 PhotoThrow : Our Price 80.00
40 x 60 PhotoThrow : Our Price 90.00
60 x 90 PhotoThrow : Our Price 149.95

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